4 reasons why quality control is important in the oil and gas sector

Producing oil and gas is a very risky operation. There is a risk in every step of the process from exploring energy sources to transporting the final products to the consumers. Quality control is essential in every step to ensure that the product quality is good and no harm is caused to the environment. Here are the top reasons for having strict quality control in this sector.

Less environmental damage

well’s complexity is directly related to the environment in which the well is being drilled and to a multitude of factors that can affect performance, safety, and the lifecycle and integrity of a company’s oil and gas assets. A well-thought-out Quality Management System (QMS) developed by an experienced team of engineers, quality experts, and inspectors can save an organization time and money and mitigate risk. This is precisely why a highly skilled technical team whose experience is rooted in some of the most complex and critical wells in the world is a team that is the most qualified for the job.

Gas and oil drilling

Gas and oil drilling operations can cause direct impact on the environment. A highly skilled team of technicians and worker must conduct these operations. The work is very sensitive. Any mistake may cause a huge negative effect on the environment. So, quality control is extremely important in case of gas and oil drilling operations.

Getting ISO certification

Having an ISO 9001 certification proves that the company has a high quality management system. It is very difficult to obtain this credential as the company has to demonstrate quality process approach and other criteria. ISO 14001 certification is also necessary for oil and gas companies. This certification indicates that the company has an environment system in place. The company must continuously monitor the environmental impacts of their operation if they want to obtain and maintain this credential.

Safety of the workers

The working environment of oil and gas company is risky. The work itself is very complicated and has a high chance of causing accidents if not carefully done. The companies must incorporate safety issues in their design and manufacturing phase. Oil and gas companies must obtain OCTG certification which proves that they follow international standards in their every stage of operation. So, this protects the safety of the company’s employees.

The major oil and gas companies have a separate department for quality control. The quality control and assurance team ensure that proper standards are maintained at each step of their operation. This ensures quality end products to be supplied to the consumers.